Deluxe All Inclusive Package For LLC's $925.00

• This is for the client who wants a maximum level of privacy. • Will be establishing and signing on his or her Company bank account. • Does not want any one to be able to readily look him or her up through public web sites, such as the Secretary of State. • Does mind personal information being on public record. • Wants all the protection of Nevada laws. The Resident Agent will be the Company that is being established. You are your own RA! We can do this because of a lease. Better Nevada Presence. We prepare the Business License, Obtain the IRS EIN, File the Article and Initial List, with your Signature ( faxed in), with your Name (First Initial and Last Name), your SS# ( for EIN # and Business License ), we use the companies address in Nevada. Using your signature makes it much easier if you are holding properties in the company and want to deal with Mortgage Companies, Loans from Banks, getting corporate credit, etc. Your company's documentation will have your signature all over it, very important to these people. Since 9/11 and The Patriot Act the IRS or any government agency can pull up information without notification to the individual. If they want to find you they will. WE DO NOT USE CORP KITS. We will be using the client's signature as the President or Manager to prepare all the company documents. . For Stock held Corporations this will include, By Laws, Minutes of First Meeting, and Stock Ledger. For LLC'S this will include, Operating Agreement, Minutes of first Meeting, and Member List. Nevada Office Lease for 1 year. Client may use lease address for One Year and be its own Resident Agent. Lease will be sublet between the New Company signed by Manager or Officer of Corporation (you) and the sublet Company. This lease will and can be used for establishing Nevada presence. A phone can be obtained and listed in the White or Yellow pages and list your company's address. We will assist with this process if you like. Most incorporators get most of their fees for this service. MAIL Distribution and Re-mailing Service. We will re-distribute the company mail and send it to your address in an over sized envelope. We will send mail out on or about the 1st and 15th of each month. All packages weighing over 13 oz will be considered a package, shipping will be billed to the clients Credit Card. RE-Mailing may come in handy if you want somebody to see your item coming from a Nevada address. Just send the item to us ready to go and we will drop it in the mail for you from Nevada. Assistance in Opening a Nevada Domiciled Bank Account. As of 9/11 it has become increasingly harder to open bank accounts. If you are credit worthy we can make this process easy for you. Free Consulting. We always return your calls and answer your questions as they come up. Our goal is to keep you happy and in business so you will want to renew with us year after year. Win, Win! We value our customers. There are no stupid questions. I think you will find if we do not have the answer we will get one for you. We have Attorneys and CPA's on retainer for just such events.

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